About Us

Laminating Solutions (once known as D.T. Coleman Laminating Co.) has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1970 and continues to offer expertise in helping you make decisions that are the best for your laminating needs.

At Laminating Solutions we offer a variety of laminating equipment and supplies that are easy-to-use, fast and economical. All of our products are ideal for teachers, librarians, print shops, restaurant owners and event coordinators who want to protect important and expensive promotional/educational materials. This can also include the protection of personal belongings such as photographs, posters and other memorabilia.

The preservation of promotional and educational documents are extremely important when it comes to budgeting advertising expenses, whether you're printing restaurant menu's or distributing instructional guides, brochures and signage. It's also a necessity to preserve family pictures, awards and various keepsakes. Lamination is the key solution to preserving such important documents which will ultimately keep such advertising expenses down, or to simply assure the longevity of cherished belongings and expensive promotional materials.

Also provided is an assortment of ID accessories such as badge holders, pocket clips, straps and lanyards. These are all available in neck and wrist ware. We also supply a selection of slot punchers, round corner equipment and trimmers. If you have any questions or need consulting regarding any of our products, please call, e-mail or fax. We'll help you make the decisions that are best for your laminating needs.